About us

Nordic Nomads is a network of fellow travel writers, –photographers and -bloggers owning their own publishing platforms, who work professionally with the travel industry.



Nordic Nomads was established by four Norwegian women with different background, age, interests and experience. However, we are all travelers by heart with a passion for writing, exploring the world and communication through the written word and photos.


Taste of Slow
Green travel blog with focus on local travel and food culture the vegetarian way.

Mission: to inspire you to explore the world in a conscious way and to experience local life when you travel.
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Loves adventure and all kind of outdoor activity. Expeditions in the Himalayas is my dream.

: To inspire you to be active when traveling.
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Adventurous and independent travel blogger with an overload of photos from around the world.

Mission: to inspire you to get outside your comfort zone and discover all the great things our world has to offer.
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Mette Solberg Fjeldheim

Online Norwegian travel magazine and -blog offering personal travel stories, tips and inspiration.

Mission: to inspire Norwegian travelers to get out there and explore the world – locally or far away.
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Nordic Nomads consists of over 20 travel publishers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Together we form an active network which allows for collaboration with each other and the travel industry.

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Worldwide we see a growing interest for collaboration with travelers who publish content on their own platforms. The same trend we can see in Nordic countries. We believe that is because travel bloggers reach their audience in a different way then the normal media. Travel bloggers inspire, guide and help aspiring travelers around the world, and also have a natural and individual way of promoting a destination.

But for travel bloggers it could be lonely working all by oneself. As an individual publisher it’s therefore great to have a place to share knowledge and experiences with each other. That way we can develop our skills and be even better producers of travel related content. We also wish to be a place where the travel industry can access the best travel publishers in the Nordic region of the world. When recruiting new members we therefore look for active and experienced publishers with good quality content.

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Nordic Nomads’ Vision

We are working for a recognition of travel bloggers’ work and assignments. Our vision is to promote Nordic travel bloggers as professional, according to ethical guidelines, promotion of destinations and services related to travel.

With professional blogger we mean a writer who is conscious about their editorial integrity, who acts transparent with their readers, in accordance with ethical publishing guidelines and who has an understanding of the travel industry’s codes and expectations. We believe a travel blogger can be professional even if the main income does not come from the actual blog.

Founders and members of Nordic Nomads are supposed to appear as good examples for other travel bloggers by following the norms of producing content related to travel online.


Nordic Nomads’ Mission

Nordic Nomads wish to be active guides and participants in the development of travel writers, –photographers, -bloggers and -vloggers in the Nordic countries. We also work to be a hub for the Nordic market, a resource for the travel industry, and a forum to share knowledge, both inside and outside the community.