Blogger of the month: Globe Called Home

28 March

This months blogger is Jenni Ojala. A Finn based in the US and run the blog Globe Called Home.


Tell us about your blog:

Globe Called Home is a blog about travel in the US and Europe and about what it’s like to live abroad as a Finn. Since I’ve lived in the US for around 5 years of my life, I especially enjoy introducing lesser-known American places to my European readers. I like to write about adventure travel and roadtrips, and hiking and skiing are my two favorite hobbies, so they’re featured often in my blog. I also collect UNESCO world heritage sites – I’ve been to 108 so far! My blog is in both English and Finnish.

Do you have another career than blogging?

I’m an engineer and I have a career in software industry, so blogging is “just” a hobby for me – although a very dear one!

What is the main reason you love travel so much?

I’m extremely interested in different cultures, and traveling gives me a window into them, an experience that’s much more valuable than just reading the newspapers or watching documentaries. Also, new experiences make me feel more alive, and I feel like time goes more slowly when I’m traveling – which is a good thing!


Why did you start blogging about you travels?

I started originally to blog about my experiences as an expat, but when time went on, I realized a majority of the posts I was writing were more about travel than anything else. It was like I had started a blog about my life, and then realized my life is mostly travel!

Have travel changed you in any way? How?

I think I’m probably more fearless because of travel. I’m not afraid of the world, because I’ve realized early on I can get around pretty much anywhere. Because of this, I’ve had the courage to move abroad several times, and this has really changed me as a person in more ways than I can count.

Travel is normally a good experience, but not always… Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were truly afraid during traveling?

I’ve had a situation where I should have been truly afraid – when a black-market taxi driver threatened us with an axe in Saint Petersburg – but I wasn’t. Sometimes I think I’m too naïve for my own good.


Which three items do you not leave home without?

Cell phone, camera and a book to read on the way there.

Can you recommend three places our readers must visit in their lifetimes?

  • Yellowstone National Park – the best national park in the US if you ask me.
  • Angkor Wat – an amazing area of temples that kept us occupied for days.
  • Auschwitz – a place I wish didn’t exist, but since it does, it’s a place I wish everyone would visit to learn about past mistakes.

Is there any destination you have visited that you know you never will return to? Why?

Never say never, but I doubt I’ll ever return to Chernobyl. One time of seeing the damage was enough, and I get enough radiation from flying around.

What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

Fried scorpions at the Beijing night market.

Check off your favorite:


2. □ Fish

3. □ Cocktail

4. □ Suitcase

5. □ Health freak



□ Beach

□ Meat


□ Backpack

□ Party geek

□ Twitter

□ Magazine

□ Resort

□ City





□ Facebook

□ Wikipedia


*(I’ve lived in both Luxembourg, the wine region, and Colorado, the craft beer revolution, and love them both.)

Is there a blog post you especially remember to have written? Why?

My experience climbing Yosemite’s Half Dome remains one of my favorite posts in my English blog, because I’m still incredibly proud of making it to the top: Yosemite half dome hike

However, there are a lot of posts in my blog in Finnish that I haven’t translated into English for one reason or another. My all time favorite post therefore is the one about how my then-boyfriend took me on a surprise trip to New York and asked me to marry him:

Read more about Jenni from Globe Called Home in her profile.


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