Nordic Nomads´ blogtrips

Nordic Nomads have arranged blog trips for our nomads in collaboration with several travel destinations.

If you want to collaborate with Nordic Nomads to promote your destination through top Nordic travel publishers from the Nordic countries or from one specific country (Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland), please contact us.

Faroe Islands

Three of our nomads went to the Faroe Islands to explore the beautiful nature around the islands. On this 4 day-trip, they went hiking, horsebackriding, rappelling, RIB and tried typical faroe dishes such as fermented food.

Nordic Nomads in Faroe Island

Travelstories from Faroe Island

This trip was in collaboration with Visit Faroe Islands.

Kattegattleden in Sweden

Four of our nomads went biking parts of the Kattegattleden that stretches 372 km from Gøteborg til Helsingborg. On this 5 days trip, they visited small and charming towns, castles, microbrewery, a asparagus farm, SPA, gallery, windmill and a lot of nice places to eat and sleep.


Travelstories from Kattegattleden:

This trip was in collaboration with Visit Sweden.


Three of our nomads went to this pancakeflat area in Belgium. Here they biked from city to city. They learned to make their own chocolate in one of the many chocolateries in Flanders, had city tours in the charming cities Brügge and Gent and went to some of the best restaurants in Flanders.

Nordic Nomads in Flanders

Travelstories from Flanders

This trip was in collaboration with Visit Flanders.

Westcoast of Sweden

Four of our nomads went to the west coast of Sweden to explore the beautiful coastline. On this trip, our nomads tried kayaking, biking and went on a mussel safari.

Nordic Nomads in Sweden

Travelstories from the westcoast of Sweden

This trip was in collaboration with Visit Sweden.


Five of our nomads went to Riga to explore the Christmas market in town, visiting the best gourmet restaurants, visit to SPA and city tour in the old town and Riga Central Market.

Nordic Nomads in Riga

Travelstories from Riga