GlobetrotterElisa is my little travelworld online. I loves adventure and all kind of outdoor activity, but hiking and biking is my passion. I love my own country and spend a lot time in the Norwegian mountains during both summer and winter.

Expeditions in the Himalayas is my dream. I like to go to new places that are outside the typical tourists area. I love to stay at small, cozy hotels and try to eat as local as possible. When traveling with my husband, I like to add a touch of luxury!


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Blog niches: Adventure and outdoor activity, DINK- travel (Double Income No Kids), luxury and SPA, gourmet- and wine travels.

Blogged since: 2013

Blog language: Norwegian

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Elisabeth Eriksen

Business owner with a passion for active travels

Countries visited: 42

Interests: Travel, mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, yoga and good times with friends

Favorite destinations: Everywhere where there are mountains

Food: All kind of healthy food, rawfood, street food and gourmet

Most exiting trips:
Biking in the Himalayas
– Climbing Kilimanjaro

Mission: To inspire you to be active when you travel