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Hamacareise is a visual travel and photography blog about the love for independent travel, written by globetrotter and photographer, Ingeborg. 

When I travel I live from moment to moment trying to figure out why the world is the way it is. Observing new cultures, watching people live their lives, appreciate the beauty around us and learn from the experience is what Hamacareise is all about.



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Blog niches: Photography, backpacking, vegetarian food, unknown destinations, independent travels

Blogged since: 2009

Blog language: Norwegian

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Ingeborg Lindseth

Nordic Nomads Representative for Norway, Travel blogger, Photographer, VideographerN23A4861

Countries visited: Around 60, I think…

Interests: travel, photography, cooking, playing with my cute cat

Favorite destinations: India, Japan, Turkey, Norway and Peru.

Food: Indian, Thai and Mexican – vegetarian. And of course some chocolate for desert!

Most exiting trips:
A six months trip around the world with my boyfriend in Asia, Australia and central America.
– A solo trip to Nepal where I celebrated Holi, had the craziest bus ride ever and ate delicious momos!
– Two road trips I had in my own country (Norway) where I explored the beauty of the fjords, the wild nature of the Lofoten Islands and got to see where my great grand mother grew up.

Mission: to inspire you to get outside your comfort zone and discover all the great things our world has to offer.


My last travels in pictures: