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Here is a complete list of the travel writers, –photographers and -bloggers connected to Nordic Nomads.


Norway  Ingeborg

Co-founderN23A4861 Hamacareise
Adventurous and independent travel blogger with an overload of photos from around the world.

Mission: to inspire you to get outside your comfort zone and discover all the great things our world has to offer.
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Norway  Mette

Co-founderMette Solberg FjeldheimReiselykke
Online Norwegian travel magazine and -blog offering travel stories, tips and inspiration.

Mission: to inspire Norwegian travelers to get out there and explore the world – locally or far away. Read more…

Norway  Elisabeth

Co-founderElisa GlobetrotterElisa
Adventure travel blog with focus on active travels, wine & food and luxury accommodations.

: Inspire readers to be active when traveling, where to eat gourmet food and where you can sleep like a princess.
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Norway  Elin


Taste of Slow
Green travel blog with focus on local travel and food culture the vegetarian way.

Mission: to inspire you to explore the world in a conscious way and to experience local life and cultures when you travel.
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Finland  Annika

Tarinoita Maailmalta
Travel blog focusing on active and cultural adventures especially in the Americas.

Mission: Explore the world and share my adventures through stories and photography.
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Denmark  Zana

World of a Travelholic

World of a Travelholic
A blog about travelling whether it’s luxury, backpacking or budge.

Mission: To inspire you to explore the world, to take the first step to see the beauty the world has to offer. Read more…

Norway  Renate

Renates ReiserRenates Reiser
Travel blog that focuses on budget & solo travel and places off the beaten track.

Mission: To inspire you to travel when you think you can’t afford it and don’t think you dare.
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Sweden  Helena & Peter


A blog about travel, campers and houseboat life.

To inspire you to make reality of your travel dreams and maximize the experience on a limited budget. Read more…

Norway  Hanne Marit

Sekk og Sandaler

Sekk og Sandaler
Adventure travel blog on a budget. Writes about food, music, culture, history and art.

Mission: To inspire you to see new places, meet people and be open-minded. Travel light, slow and local. Read more…

Finland  Gia


Matkakuume – Travel Fever
The blog is about enjoying life, traveling and making dreams come true around the world as a family.

Mission: Causing travel fever, no matter age, status or budget.
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 Mads & Camilla

Adventure travel blog with a focus on budget travel, outdoor and taking great photos.

Mission: Inspire readers through storytelling, photography and show them travel can be affordable. Read more…

 Finland  Jenni

GlobeCalledHomeGlobe Called Home
A blog about roadtrips, hiking, cities, world heritage sites and life in the US and Western Europe.

Mission: To provide info on traveling in the US and Europe and to inspire you to adventure
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Denmark  Annette & Tore

OnTripDK OnTrip
For all who love to travel. Find inspiration, go explore and get the feeling of freedom.

Mission: Inspire others with personal stories from travels all over the world. Pass on good advice and ideas. Read more…

Norway  Hanne

PlacesPeopleStoriesPlaces People Stories
This blog focus on the not so obvious related to travel – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Mission: To make my readers learn, analyze, and see travel and culture from different point of views. Read more…


La Vida Loca 2.0
This blog has a love for Latin America, adventure, outdoors and culinary travel.

Mission: To explore all the outdoors of the world, eat well and sleep in luxury hotels around the globe. Read more…

Sweden  Anna & Linus

A Swedish family travel blog with videos, inspiration and tips for traveling with kids.

Mission: We want to inspire other Nordic families to travel and explore new places, cultures and activities. Read more…

  Rebecca & Kris

We are a danish travel blogging family, who share our best tips for traveling with kids.

Mission: Our goal is to inspire people, and to show our readers that it is possible to travel with kids. Read more…

  Anders & Laura

Two bloggers who love backpacking and roadtrips! Travelling is no longer a hobby but a lifestyle.

Mission: We want to show that you can travel on a budget without having to compromise on quality. Read more…

  Maria & Alexander

Fantasy Dining
Fantasy Dining is a blog about travel and to visit unique theme restaurants.

Mission: Our mission is to inspire other people to travel and discover exciting places all over the world. Read more…

  Nikoline & Toke

Depart Deux
Travel and photo blog with a focus on visual storytelling with a creative minimalistic approach.

Mission: To capture the spirit of every place and tell the unique stories of the people and cultures we visit. Read more…

  Christian Muda

Food- and travel blog with focus on high-end travel, fun activities, food and wine.

Mission: Inspire people to travel more, stay at nice hotels and to eat at interesting restaurants when traveling! Read more…

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