On Afterglobe we share experiences from our travels around the world and make all the mistakes along the way, so you don’t have to. We love sunsets and are always up for adventure.

We’ve shared stories from our travels and experiences from around the world on Afterglobe since 2013. We do travel guides, share our budgets and tell our best tips&tricks for traveling on a budget, without having to compromise on quality. We focus on backpacking and roadtrips.



Blog niches: Traveling on a budget, photography, backpacking, roadtrips and ‘around-the-world’

Blogged since: 2013

Blog language: Danish

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Anders & Laura

Travel bloggers, communications consultant (Laura), software developer (Anders)


Countries visited: 30+

Interests: Travel writing, food, music, adventure, culture

Favorite destination: We keep going back to the US for yet another roadtrip, but also enjoy camping in Australia and backpacking around South East Asia. For the freedom you get on roadtrips we would choose the US. For the nature and culture we would choose Australia. For the food we would without a doubt choose Vietnam!

Food: Vietnamese food is definitely a favorite of ours. Food is a way for us to get to know the culture on our destination, and we love trying out new things. We keep a list with different and exciting dishes to try when we visit a new destination.

Most exiting trips:
– 2009/2010: Traveling around the Malaysian part of Borneo for a month, sleeping in the jungle, river rafting and diving. After Borneo we spend another 2 months backpacking in South East Asia.
– 2011: Our first roadtrip in the US, where we spend 2 months driving from NYC to California, and fell in love with both the US and the roadtrippin’ way of traveling.
– 2014: Visiting South America for the first time, where we backpacked through Peru and Bolivia. After 2 months in South America we went on a 2 months long roadtrip in the US and got to experience Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
– 2015/2016: Our 7 months long trip around the world that took us through 11 countries, countless cities and stunning landscapes all over the world.

Mission: We want to show that you can travel on a budget without having to compromise on quality.