Depart Deux

Minimalistic travel and photo blog with a scandi feel. We have been all over the world, and have only just begun → Have a look at our blog and see for yourself!

Even though we have our own style, we enjoy collaborating with companies that shares the same ideas and values as us. We have worked with both local mum-and-pop stores, as well as international organisations. Give us a call, if you think we would be a good match.



Blog niches: Urban adventures, travel photography, hidden local pearls, instagrammable foodie places, scandi life, boutique/design hotels & Airbnb

Blogged since: June 2015

Blog language: Danish

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Nikoline & Toke

Travel writers, travel photographers, video & social media experts


Countries visited: We have never actually counted the countries visited, and frankly the number doesn’t matter to us, as it’s all about collecting memories and not countries to tick off;)

Interests: (Travel-) Photography; Graphic Design; Destination marketing; Sports (trekking, running & skiing); Coffee; Cultures; Soccer (Toke)…

Favorite destination: Hong Kong, Zanzibar, Faroe Islands, Tokyo, Barcelona,.. all great places!

Food: We are quite the foodies, and enjoy almost any type of food. Always go for “cool” local places when traveling, lately we have grown fond of South American food, such as ceviche, arepas and of course mexican tortillas.

Most exiting trips:
– Roadtripping through the Faroe Islands landscape
– Traveling and living in China for 4 months (Shanghai – Guillin – Hongkong)
– Visiting hospitals in rural Tanzania, followed by a trip to Zanzibar
– Eagle hunting and trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Mission: To capture the spirit of every place and tell the unique stories of the people and cultures we visit