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Globe Called Home brings to you the sights and atmosphere of cities, countryside and nature in USA and Europe, stopping to explore the little things and local culture.

Having lived several years abroad, I like to bring you the local view to places I visit. I collect world heritage sites and will make the detour to see them. I love hiking in the nature, and my roadtrips go from campgrounds to five star hotels in big cities.



Blog niches: USA, adventure, outdoors, UNESCO world heritage sites, national parks, roadtrips

Blogged since: 2012

Blog language: Finnish

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Jenni Stenman

GlobeCalledHomeTravel blogger | IT professional

Countries visited: 45 (see map)

Interests: travel, hiking, history, photography, cooking, skiing, triathlons

Favourite destination: USA has just so much to see and do – and it’s so diverse, with everything from fantastic nature to buzzing metropoles! I’m well on my way to reaching my goal of having visited all the states.

Food: Local cuisines are always interesting.

Most exciting trips
– Roadtrip of South-West USA, with a highlight of summiting Yosemite’s Half Dome
– South-East Asia with best friends, visiting Angkor Wat
– Driving from Georgia to Colorado, over 2000km, with a car full of things that didn’t fit into our container, plus all of our potted plants

Mission: To provide info on traveling in the US and Europe and to inspire you to adventure.