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La Vida Loca 2.0 is a blog about eternal wanderlust and love for Latin America, adventure, outdoors and food.

My dad has explored the world as a sailor, my mom is a writer – this is why I find it something logic that I ended up being travel blogger: discovering the world just like my dad, and writing about it like my mom.

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Blog niches: couples/dink travel, adventure, culinary travel

Blogged since: 2004

Blog language: Finnish

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Sari Venäläinen

La Vida Loca 2.0Travel blogger, Marketing and Communications professional, Freelance writer and Content producer

Countries visited: 18

Interests: Latin America, culinary travel and gastronomy, marketing & communications, climbing, hiking, photography, mountains and dachshunds

Favourite destination: Latin America as a whole

Food: Scandinavian fine dining, Peruvian & Mexican

Most exciting trips:
– Moving to Mexico at age of 18 without knowing any Spanish
– Road trip from Trujillo (Peru) to Guayaquil (Ecuador)
– Road trip from Marrakech (Morocco) to Madrid (Spain)

Mission: To explore all the outdoors of the world, eat well and sleep in luxury hotels around the globe.

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