We want to experience, live and understand the world and life. We want to be able to say ‘no regrets’ when it’s time. It’s all about the right attitude!

The world has great things to see. There’s usually a story behind everything – and we want to tell our readers that story. The more you travel, the more you understand. We want to inspire and be inspired of those stories and places. We want the world to be a better place.Matkakuume



Blog niches: Family travel, Foodie, Adventure, Outdoors, Water sports, Social justice

Blogged since: 2004

Blog language: Finnish and English

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Gia Forsman-Härkönen

MatkakuumeCommunications professional | Social media expert |  Travel blogger | Adventuress | Web enthusiast

Countries visited: 37

Interests: Food, Wine, Travel, Sports, Golf, Running, Underwater rugby, Reading, Books, Politics, Photographing

Favourite destination: For cities Hoi An in Vietnam, for beaches Maldives, for the great outdoors New Zealand

Food: Anything from street food to fine dining as long as it’s well prepared. Sometimes the best things are simple, sometimes not.

Most exciting trips
– Getting married on Maui, Hawaii in 2009
– Traveling around the world 2014-2015

Mission: Causing travel fever, no matter age, status or budget.