Renates Reiser

Renates Reiser is a collection of my travel adventures around the world. To me, nothing is more magical that to travel, getting to know our planet and the people living on it.

I often seek out new, unknown destinations and let chance take me around the place. That’s how the best travel memories happen. If there’s a mountain, I’ll climb it, if there’s an animal, I’ll pet it, and I always love to try out the local food.

Renates Reiser


Blog niches: Solo travel, budget travel, places off the beaten track, Outdoor adventures

Blogged since: 2011

Blog language: Norwegian

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Renate Sandvik

Renates ReiserTravel blogger | Freelance writer | Amateur photographer

Countries visited: 70

Interests: Travel, writing, photography, the outdoors, culture, food.

Favourite destination: It’s so hard to choose! I find most places I travel fascinating, but if I had to pick three countries I’d say Bolivia, Slovenia and Myanmar.

Food: Trying out the local food is almost half the trip! Give me some Thai or Indian and I’ll definitely be happy.

Most exciting trips:
Traveling to Asia from Europe on the Transmongolian railway, and continuing the journey by train around the continent once we got there.
– An amazing roadtrip on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, LA.
– Traveling solo around Myanmar meeting the local people, eating tea leaf salad, hiking around mountain villages and watching an endless amount of sunrises and sunsets over the temples in Bagan.
– An epic journey from Peru to Brasil via Bolivia with mountain hikes, the camino inka, horseback rides and thrilling bus rides over high passes before descending into the tropics in Brasil.

Mission: To inspire you to travel when you think you can’t afford it and don’t think you dare.

Renates Reiser