Our code of ethics

Nordic Nomads is a network of and for professional travel bloggers, writers and photographers from the nordic countries with their own publication platforms. The network aims to work for quality at all levels, as well as recognition for the profession within publishing and communication of travel and culture publication.


Nordic Nomads emphasises the need to strive for international standards and ethical norms of professional travel bloggers, also called The STS Code.

  • Members of the Nordic Nomads are familiar with the code of ethics of the press (Vær Varsom-plakaten), and acknowledge that words and images are powerful and should not be abused.
  • Members of the network Nordic Nomads shall at all times be open to their readers about any sponsored posts, participation at press tours, and all communications around such posts and/or articles will be labeled #ad, #sponsered, #presstrip or similar.
  • Members of the network Nordic Nomads are responsible for their own publication channels, and the organization cannot be blamed for any deviations of the rules. Members of the network can however be excluded by repeating alerts as a result of deviation from the guidelines agreed in the network.

Nordic Nomads expect to get paid for the work done for a potential client. Members of this network work individually and independently, and are not being paid traditionally in an editorial matter.

Nordic Nomads relate professionally to the press- and blog trips the network chooses to attend. We consider this an important and necessary way to gather content and research destinations, and is not in any way to be regarded as a “bonus”.

Read more in STS Code: Standards & Ethics for Professional Travel Blogger (pp. 26-27 in PDF)