Taste of Slow

Taste of Slow is a blog about responsible travel, a green life style and food culture the vegetarian way. I believe the best way to travel is to challenge the cult of speed – see and live, not just look.

I love to go local, and to get a glimpse of the everyday life of people in different cultures. By sharing my adventures around the world, I hope I can inspire you to go green and to explore the world in a conscious way – and to travel with a purpose.






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Blogged since: 2007

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Elin Reitehaug

Web editor | Communication advisor | Travel blogger | Freelance writer

Countries visited: 39 (see map)

Interests: WordPress, web design, writing, photography, food culture, cooking

Favourite destination: the African continent fascinates me the most. However, every destination has it´s charm, and I love to explore any destination and culture. Going slow and to get a glimpse of the local life is always exciting.

Food: vegetarian

Most exciting trips:
– Driving an ambulance from Norway to Mongolia: 18200 km in 11 weeks through 18 countries.
– Solo travel on the African continent: the fascinating cultures and the amazing hospitality.
– Living one year in Ghana: it gave me a chance to really feel the culture.

Mission: To inspire you to explore the world in a conscious way and to experience local life when you travel